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Crosstimbers Okie said:
[quote name='Broadside']The belly band holsters are very good for summertime wear if you don't mind sweating a bit. Most of us could use sweating away some mid-section pounds anyway.

Everything I have read so far about the "holster shirts" says that they are less than ideal.

I've been using one for two months now, and I plan on getting 5 or 6 more. They are just too good. They are a bit slow on the draw for obvious reasons, but the security and comfort is excellent. They are great for a second gun or when dressed in a manner that there is no practical way to carry a gun. I can carry a 4 inch K-Frame revolver in one, but it works best with snubbies or my Kahr K9. I think a M&P Compact would be an ideal fit.[/quote]

I also use holster t-shirts (UnderCover Comfort) for carrying my compact (G23) and subcompact (G39) Glocks. The holster t-shirts work best in my environment and are very comfortable. Of course, the trade off is slower access time. However, better to have a weapon on you than in your safe at home.
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