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I also have the basic Protech bellyband (4" model). I purchased it for times when I'm not wearing a belt (which rules out my CTAC). I've found that it carries better than I expected and is pretty adjustable. The drawbacks are already listed in previous posts but I find the pros combine with the cheap price (~$20 delivered) to make it a very reasonable option. (not a true replacement, but another option)

As I mentioned about the belt, with warmer weather now arriving I find my casual wardrobe shifting back to cargo shorts, trunks, and sometimes even drawstrings pants. Some of these just don't work with the CTAC. I thought the $20 was worth a try to maintain both concealed carry and a lightweight wardrobe.

If the weather ever breaks this weekend I hope to be on my boat with the family and plan to do so carrying the 9c in the Protech.

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