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Frame damage on M&P .40 from slide!!

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Well today at the range I happened to notice I little sliver of plastic on the bench after shooting a bunch. I was wondering if it came from my gun so I field stripped it. I was quite surprised to see that it appeared to be a piece from my frame (Rev N). It seems like the slide is hitting it on recoil - the dust cover part of the slide is slamming into the frame just in front of the take down lever. I thought the recoil spring would bind before the slide would hit the frame but I guess not.

This gun has justs over 2000 rounds now and has been flawless to this point. Anyone noticed this problem? I used mostly WWB, CCI and some reloads that are not hot at all. It still functioned fine but now I'm somewhat concerned.
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The slide is supposed to stop on that part of the frame not on the spring binding, but it is not supposed to be able to damage the frame like what I think I may or may not see in that blurry a$$ picture :wink: I would definitely give S&W a call they will want to take a look at it.

as a side I know they shot 40K through a M&P 40 with no spring changes what so ever and did not get any damage to the frame at all.
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