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Front Sight Questions

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I am interested in updating my front sight to Tritium to go with the 10-8 rear I have installed. The question is: Is there a difference in height between the standard front and tritium fronts. Dawson lists a part for use with factory rear, but lists the heigh at .180. My current front is .160 tall. Anyone hae any ideas or words of qisdom?
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as has been mentioned, the factory standard sight and factory NS are the same height. Sounds like you might have measured the height of your sight without taking into account the base and Dawson measured it.
I got my package in the mail today from Jester with my 2nd Warren rear sight and a factory front NS and the HiViz green fiber optic sight. I don't have the 2 front sights mounted yet but by just putting them in the dovetail and playing around I am not sure I like either better than my blaze orange front sight. In very bright sunlight I think the FO sight is a little faster to pick up than the stock sight painted orange but not much. In dim and subdued light the orange is definitely easier to pick up than the FO sight. In very low to no light obviously the NS is the easiest to pick up but when the target is illuminated by a flashlight or weapon mounted light then they are all about the same with the orange being more noticable to me. I am starting to think the optimum all around front sight for me will be the factory NS painted orange around the dot. Jester what is your return policy on an unused FO sight 8)
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If I can paint (or Dan when I send it to him) can paint the factory NS to match this I think I'll be very happy with my front sight. This works very well in most light for me, YMWV

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I first did it on a Springfield Professional and it worked very well.
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