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Damn shame about the barrel "cone?". It would be nice if the barrels swapped out. We have these stupid barrel length restrictions up here in Canada (105mm/4.133" or less is prohibited) and this would have been a great, and simple, mod to set us up with compacts

matt7184 said:
Same goes for the full size slide on the compact (except the guide rod is exposed).
How much is it exposed? Got any pics
. Looks like there would be aboot a 1/2" of spring exposed.

YukonGlocker said:
[quote name='ClosetCaseNerd']Wouldn't the cone shaped barrel be a problem? I would think the slide is too short to engage the widest portion of the barrel, yielding shitty accuracy.

I got to thinking about the cone muzzle last night while I was supposed to be sleeping. That might be a problem.[/quote]

I would think it would probably be ok to fire but yeah, accuracy would probably not make it worth the effort.

The only option I can think of (for my problem) is a frame chop like the one being done on some Glocks. Not as simple with the M&P, but do-able. Or S&W can start making them like this just for me :wink:
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