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Full size M&P 9mm - Ready to BUY $$$

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I compete Area 8 USPSA Production actively, I am looking for someone (Dan Burwell ? - I live in eastern PA or SSS ? or both ?) to build me a complete full size M&P 9mm. The gun should include every available upgrade (trigger job, spring work, guide rod if helpful, and any other upgrade considered necessary to make the gun as good as it can be for its division - new only), all within the constraints of the USPSA Production Rules. My preference is to make a significant deposit (50% ?), have the builder, buy and complete all upgrades, then upon completion but before delivery, I'll pay the balance. Then the gun would be shipped to my FFL in the Philly suburbs. Also need 5 total tuned mags, I'll get the Bladetech DOH, the versapouches and the rescomp belt on my own while the gun is being built.

I hope this is possible, Is Dan my guy, or can Speed Shooter Specialties coordinate the entire process.

I am serious, and ready to go.

Please call me: 610 637 4623 Jon

* please contact Angus Hobdell, Matt Mink, Dave Olhasso, D.R. Middlebrook or Bruce Grey for references.
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Why don't you send Dan an e-mail?

And yes, he is the M&P guru!!
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