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Glock 26 holsters fit M&Pc (pics inside)

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I dunno how many of you saw my thread on stretching a Glock 26 holster to fit the M&P, but I went ahead and took the holster, soaked it in warm water, then took my ziplock bagged gun and put it in the holster and left it for most of the night. The results were great! It fits perfectly. So perfect in fact, that I went out and bought an Alessi holster(great piece of work), and gave it the same treatment with the same awesome results. Here are some pics...

Galco holster...


I can pull the gun out easily by hand, but I can turn the holster upside down and try to shake the gun out, and it wont move. Its like it was meant for the gun.
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Nice pictures and thanks for sharing the info with us.
Is there an online source for that model Alessi holster?
Nice! I think Glock 19 holster would even be a better fit.

glock 19: 6.85

m&p9c: 6.7

glock 26: 6.29
Too bad it fits on the wrong side of the body now, I'm assuming you used west coast water!?

Looks great!
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