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Good news and bad news!!

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Well, I posted about a month ago where I special orderd a M&P 9c with factory night sights from my local dealer, well I finally was able to go and pick her up yesterday and took her to the range today. I put 300 rounds of Winchester BP down the tube and she shot very well. The trigger is a little gritty and I really hope it smoothes out as I put a few more rounds through her. No FTFs, no FTEs and no mags falling out!
That is the good news. I also put 100 rounds of Winchester BP down the tube of my Kahr MK9. This is my current everyday carry pistol. Ive had Novak low profile night sights put on her, stainless steel guide rod and factory wood grips. I really like this pistol, with the Allessi Talon 2 IWB holster you just forget that you are even carring a handgun all day, this is the bad news.
I get home and start to clean both pistols and there is a crack in the slide of my MK9. Runs between the opening for the barrel and guide rod at the muzzle. Looks like the M&P will be forced into duty earlier then expected. My VM2 is still a good 12-16 weeks away so I guess Ill have to head to the local fun shop and see if I can find a cheap uncle mikes IWB to do me over until the VM2 gets here. This is a little upsetting. Kahr pistols are not exactly cheap and there have been loads of bad postings on a few of the boards latey about bad quility control ect. My MK9 had been trouble free since I first purchased it, I just wonder what Ill be getting back from Kahr when its fixed?

Oh I almost forgot, while at the fun shop picking up my 9c yesterday I went ahead and orderd a full size .40 with factory night sights for $534 out the door, looks like Im jumping into this M&P thing head first!

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The gritty trigger should go away pretty soon. I have an M&P9 with a couple of thousand or so down the pipe and it has a very nice trigger.

What sort of warranty does Kahr provide?

Good luck

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