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Good news...

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I just cleaned my M&P for the first time. I bought it on 11/6 and have taken it to the range about 4 times since then. I didn't clean it when I bought it or after any range visits. I wanted to see how it would perform after a few range visits and a couple of hundred bullets downrange with no cleaning or maintenance. It performs flawlessly!!!! Matter of fact, the only other gun I've been this impressed with is my Beretta 92FS. Both have performed flawlessly. Perfection all the way around.

However, my family has had a very tough time this year. My wife has had 2 surgeries in the last 3 months and our family car has broken down and is unrepairable. I had to make a decision to sell one of my guns to make a little money for the family. The Beretta lost.
I am keeping the M&P
...and selling the 92FS and all it accessories. The M&P fits my hand beautifully and shoots quite well. I am really impressed with the M&P and hope S&W keeps up the great work.
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Hope things get back on track for you. Glad to hear you kept the M&P.
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