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got a question on the M&P45

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Does anyone know when the M&P .357 sig and the compact 9mm. Because after they come out then the M&P45 will follow shortley after. I emailed S&W on a time line when the .45 will be out and they said sometime at the end of the year. Has anyone heard any different. S&W told me this about a month ago via email. I am looking forward to the .45 because I dont like the .357 sig round. And I might get the 9mm compact.
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Everything I have heard so far are next year for the .45

However, the transition from the 40 S&W to 357 sig should be simpler considering they share the same mag and rumor has it all is needed is a barrel swap.

However the .45, I would imagine longer to push out due to catridge size may require a different polymer frame and totally new slide.
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