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I guess the TLR-2 is the newest, different manufacturer but believe it's OEM by the same company, and the M6X sounds like a much more rugged version of the M6 with a more powerful light.

Since the TLR-2 and M6X were typically going for $177 - $188'ish on e-Bay + approx. $10 in shipping, should I have invested the extra $20-30 for one of them, or is the M6 decent enough at this price?

Really got it mostly for the laser to work on improving trigger control, and these particular lights boast 45 hours of laser only operation on a set of batteries.

Any words of wisdom and suggestions would be appreciated, not to mention if I goofed in my purchase ... thought I'd have it for $135, but got in a bidding war that upped it another $25.
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