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Got my compact too

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Picked it up from the ffl holder this morning. No magazine disconnect, no lock. Put 100 flawless rounds through it, 60 of those rounds in an IDPA match. I took it home, clean and lubed it and I swear I felt the trigger got smoother. The pull is not very light and has long reset but I think I can do fine with it as is. I used a Blade Tech one size fits all glock holster and it fits fine. Notice the trigger guard sticks out past where the trigger guard of the glock would be, there's no problem. I'm very impressed with this little gun. It's a keeper.
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Geez that 9mm looks HOT! How much are the compact 9s going for?
Tax + tag + title + transfer fee = $456.
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That's a great deal. The premium to have one now may be wearing off.
That is a good deal! I'm going to look into one. 8)
I think it is a good deal, at least it's the best one I could find. Please understand that this price doesn't have any other local profit mark up. My ffl ordered directly from RSR (I'm sure RSR made a few bucks), the cost broke down like this:

$456 = $20 FFL transfer + Fedex overnight shipping (2 guns) + price of gun

So the actual price of gun is a few $ less.
Ran 150 flawless rounds through the compact this afternoon. 90 of those went through the IDPA classifier just to see where I'd stack with the little gun versus full size service pistols. I was a little slow and not as accurate (more points down) as with a full size gun. But I was impressed with its handling, especially with the pinky rest magazine. Shooting the gun with the non pinky rest magazine was a little tougher to get consistent follow up shots.

I shot the classifier match using the new Don Hume JIT holster to get me used to drawing out of it. I think the holster gun combo works out just fine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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