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Alrighty, I got my MP 40 a week ago and I can't say enough good things about it.

Saturday (21st) I picked her up and used the range at my local gun store to hit off 50 rounds. Not a hitch and every round fell with in the 8-9-10-x rings with tight groopings at 50 yards.

Sunday I shot off another 100 rounds at an out door range close to here... some just target plunking, some teaching my fiancee how to shoot, and others rapid fire in the tactical range. Awesome stuff.... again tight grooping, not a hitch.....

Tuesday I got off another 100 rounds at an indoor range in Dubuque (my home town) This time I was shooting both 50 and 100 yards.... and changed up my grip a little and my stance..... Still had the same exact results.

And than I shot another 35 rounds when we went out to the outdoor range yesterday..... just plunking at some cans and stuff..... same awesome result...... I hit stuff my buddy couldent nale with my SKS..... (but we spent much of our time yesterday blowing up stuff (tubes crammed with black powder..... hahaha..... big kaboom) It was some real mithbusters stuff for a wepons demonstration.

And I plan on going tomorrow to hit off atleast another 100 rounds..... I cant say enough good things about this gun. Everyone I let shoot it was very impressed. Thanks S&W for making an awesome gun.
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