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Got my Shield 2.0 4" 9MM slides from CDNN today (sights, too)

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Guys, these are new slides. Not a mark on mine. Wrapped in blue plastic (bag) inside that greasy/waxy feeling S&W brown paper. Sights are in a foam lined clear plastic container/display case. Like you'd see hanging from a rack in a store.

Got some of the parts for the slide. Waiting on a barrel. Might try to get the night sights on that first slide tomorrow. No use messing with the striker till I get the striker block parts and the slide back plate.

I need to modify the slide optics cut to get rid of the back pins and shorten the front pins like I did the Shield Plus when I got it.

Then it goes on the Shield Plus frame for a trip to the range for sight in and to see how it shoots.
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Does it have the striker's polymer sleeve?
Mine did not. 100% stripped. Fantastic value.

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Re: guide rod for the 4" slide - The "correct" S&W P/N seems to be 3009903, can't really test mine without the TR barrel in my hand, but Jim over on CalGun couldn't get the S&W part so he bought the stainless from Galloway (that one didn't state it would fit the "Shield" FWIW), he bought the 17# version and experienced no failure in his report, but he "felt" it was a bit light and thought of trying the 20#. It could also be that he was comparing to the CA v1 Shield recoil spring.
I bought the Galloway recoil assembly and it didn't work in mine. Too loose.

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In my stash of goodies, I have a set of cylinder hones for revolver cylinders, that have been used before to super clean & leave a cross hatched pattern to a pistols chamber bore.
I have .355"/38/357/9mm IF you can't get that chamber to your liking.
Bought at Brownell's decades ago to fix a rough S&W 940 9mms revolver cylinder.

The more I see problems with those FILTHY barrels I would steer clear of them.
Hope they work out for you guys...
I don't think I will be buying one of those slides, and building a 4" Shield Upper :unsure: BUT?

The slides are drying up quickly.
4 left on eBay today & price went UP to $70
11 on CDNN's website @ $59.99 + $9.99 S&H

Back to watching AEW Wrestling
I think the issue is that nobody makes a 4" Shield barrel except for those guys.

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