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I had a really interesting situation yesterday, the first time out with my new fullsize 40. I did the required clean and lube and also a trigger job before the trip. I shot about 75 rnds with zero issues, both WWB and my own reloads. Then I let my buddy shoot the weapon and two or three time per 10 rnd magazine he experienced the slide lock back. I moved to his left side so I could watch his grip and he was nowhere near hitting the slide lock/release. I also checked to see if he was pushing up on the mag and he was not. I gave him a different magazine and he had the same problem. I shot another mag and no problem. I couldn't figure what might be causing the problem. I told him to grip the gun harder and "shoot it like you mean it". After he started gripping the gun harder he had no more problems. :?:

I shot an IDPA match with the gun today and it functioned perfectly.

The round count is up to about 300 now and with me shooting it, it has been flawless. I am perplexed by what happen with my buddy. I wish I could figure out how the slide could lock back with rounds in the magazine without hitting the slide lock....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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