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Great Day at Home Range... Someone called Sheriff (Pics)

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After 30 rounds through AK-47, 5 Through my 44 special, 30 through friends Ruger p89, and 102 through my M&P9 the Sheriffs Deputy showed up. He asked if I knew why he was there, (I had M&P holstered and 2 mags in pouch on belt) I answered - because of the gun shots? He then explained someone called in shots fired and He need to just check it out and wanted to see my target. I showed him My setup and direction of fire and He was just doing his job. I do agree with that because if I called I would want it checked out. He almost looked like he wanted to shoot a couple rounds himself, but I didnt offer. He said everything looked good - Sorry to bother us. After he left I fired 68 more rounds. Just to make sure everyone knew that it was my Constitutional right to bear arms.

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tigs40cal said:
I still say , just shoot the old junk car :wink:

Thats great, till a round hits a corner and you get a near miss ricochet.
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