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Great Gun

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Got to put 100 or so rounds down range. I love the way the gun feels, but the trigger is bad.

From what I've read is it gets better with some rounds. I would love to get the trigger like my Glocks. I have a 34 and 35 with the .25 polish job and they are smooth.

Does anyone know of a mod like that for the MP?

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When I first got my M&P, I cleaned it out really well, using (high pressure) CLP spray.

Got about 400 rounds through it, any maybe several hundred dry-fires (you only need to reset the slide 1/2 inch).

The trigger is pretty smooth.
I took it apart and polished everything, helped. I noticed the safety was causing the most grit.
Are there any instructions and or photos referencing detail stripping of the M&P?

Dont know of a detail stripping link off hand.

But someone on S&W posted this: (Dial-Up user do not attempt big picture files)
good read, I really need to do something like that.. anyone want to find me some time? :oops:

That's a great link.

Bad Trigger?

What do you mean by "bad' trigger? Hard to pull or gritty? I am going to buy a MP soon but I don't like a hard trigger. I've dry fired a MP at the gun store and it seemed fine. I now own a Sigma SW9VE. Now that's a hard trigger! I love the Sigma in every way except the trigger. It's gotten smoother though as I use it.
Gritty, lotsa overtravel and a heavy pull. In all fairness two pistols that I shoot the most are Glocks 34 and a 35. The glocks don't feel as good in the hand, but the triggers are twice as good. I've done nothing to the glocks, but a little polish job.

Seems like most people have worked out the gritty part with some rounds down range. I have not shot mine enough yet to see if I can smooth it out. I sure would like to smooth it out and reduce the trigger pull. Maybe S&W should make a tactical version with a lighter pull.

hehe. That website is mine. I also posted it here.

Anyway, First remedy for the trigger should be to grease up the firing pin block and the nubbin on the trigger bar that pushes it up, and dry fire it several hundred times.

There is supposed to be lube at that contact point according to the manual, but S&W seems to not be lubing it from the factory. Unlubed it is REALLY gritty. So much so that after test-groping one at the store, upon delivery, I was like "ah crap, this isn't usable." Now mines a bit nicer than the store sample (the store sample had been lubed and test driven qute a bit by the staff).

The striker removes much like a glock. Take the slide off, look at the bottom. You will see the leg of the striker protruding. There is a white bit of plastic between it and the barrel end of the slide. Use a punch or the gripstrap retainer to push the plstic bit towards the barrel end of things. Slide out the textured plate at the rear of the slide.

As for the firing pin stop, you take the rear sight off and it comes out through the top. It's apprantly pretty easy to get the sight off once the set screw is removed.
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I have been shooting my M&P 40 since the beginning of February. 7,000 rounds through it now. It smoothed up a little with use, but wasn't bad in the first place. Lube at the locations mentioned by one of the other fellows helps. Wilson's combat grease stays on very well. I also polished the parts with a Dremmel buffing wheel.

I also polished the slide release and the slide where they come in contact. Now the slide will drop when I slam a clip in hard. Or wait for me to release it if I put the clip in normally. I like it this way.

To sum it up.... The trigger has no creep, slide release is perfect, slide action is very smooth.

Shorter summation...... This pistol is smoooooooooooooooooooooth.

I'm going to get the compact as soon as it's released.
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