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Grip size

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What size grip are you using on your M&P? The reason I am asking is I was having a hard time getting a good grip using the small.. It felt good in the hand but when I would shoot it, I was pulling down.. It was kind of sloppy.. Not limp wristing.. Just not sitting well.. I changed to the medium grip and man.. What a difference it made.. I went from shooting low and all over the place to some good 2 to 4 in grouping at about 20yrds or so... I am shooting the M&P 40..

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I have the same problem. When I use the small I shoot a little sloppy. But my accuracy greatly improves when I use the medium. When I use the large grip the pistol feels really tight in my hand. But the large also makes sloppy shot groups. I prefer and use the medium.
I took the time last week and shot with all 3 inserts. My groups was much better with the large insert. I felt that the medium fit my hand better, but after seeing the groups shrink significantly I decided to stick with the large insert.

If you get the chance, shoot with all 3 and see what works best.
You may want to dry fire with the different palm swells. I recommend that you observe the front site to see what the pistol does with each trigger pull.

I have small to medium size hands.

For me: Small and Medium - Front site is much more still than with the Large.

At the range - I shoot well with small and medium, but not large.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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