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Gritty trigger...

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Just got the MP9. As many have noted the trigger pull is a little "gritty". I don't at this time want to change the pull weight or geometry of the trigger pull at all, only eliminate the gritty feel. After reading the FAQs, I have determined that it is almost certainly caused by rough up / down movement of the firing pin block. With the slide removed, I can feel the same stiction by pushing the FB up and down as when cycling the trigger. Can this be lubed without disassembly? Or do I need to take it apart and polish the the hole and block?

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Personally, I would recommend taking it apart and polishing it up. It is not that difficult if you follow the instructions on the pdf Dan posted and will give better results. Lubing does help but it is certainly not a replacement.
Personally I would get some rounds through it first to see if it works itself out. My trigger pull isn't gritty but I noticed an improvement after just 300 rounds and two cleanings.

I'm going to wait until I have a case of ammo through mine before I decide whether or not mine needs any trigger work.
Try some moly grease glopped on top and then working it upa nd down for a bit. Hopefully leave some of the moly in there to help keep things smooth.
A mere dab of Brian Enos Slide Glide Lite on the trigger bar and on the bottom of the firing pin safety does one heck of a job of alleviating that gritty section. Not as nice as a full blown trigger job, but it certainly makes a very noticeable difference. At least it did for me.
A light polishing is the eqivalant of the brake-in time.
Ok, I put a little lubricating oil on the FP stop. After 50 or so dry fires, the gritiness is not near as bad. The take up is actually pretty smooth now. Hopefully I will get to the range this weekend.
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