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Gun Show Questions???

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Hey, there's a gun show in Kansas City this weekend at the KCI Expo ceter. I was just wondering if anyone knew how much it costs to get in, and if I'd be better off waiting to buy a gun this weekend there or if I can get a better deal on a .45 at the dealer shops. Any info or input would be helpful. Thanks
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Admission is $5 on Saturday 10-5/Sunday 9-3. Or $4 with the following coupon:

I'd venture to say your best bet for buying a new M&P45 would be somewhere online like for $484.95 delivered to your FFL. On average I can purchase a gun from Bud's for about $85-100 cheaper than I can from a local dealer. I haven't been to a gunshow it 8 or 9 years so I can't really say what prices to expect from one.

Best of luck.
I bought a M&P 9c at a Houston gunshow a few months ago for $399 +tax +3.5% because I used a credit card. There are some good deals on new guns at shows, at least here.
thanks guys...has anyone else bought from gun shows? a .45 in particular?
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