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Starting about a year ago I have been getting emails from GunBroker saying I have been selected, special offer, free item, etc. These are all scams and have links in the email to some type of scam.

I sent the following email to GunBroker a few months ago…
I have been getting a bunch of scam emails from "[email protected]". These appear to be legitimate emails from you, but contain links that take me to scams about free products that do not exist. Are these from you?
This what they replied…
This is an offer from one of our third party advertisers. Please contact them directly with any questions about this offer. Customer Service
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Today I see a banner at the top of the GunBroker page thar says “* * Please read this important email announcement. * *”
It says...

Email Issues
Avatar Tech Support
Updated 40 minutes ago

We are receiving reports of emails being blocked by select service providers. We encourage you to reach out to your provider and request they stop blocking emails from We are working with the providers where we can. If you are having email issues please let Customer Service know.

Known Providers:

Thank you for your patience while we investigate.
Well no kidding!! If you allow your users to be inundated with scam emails using your name; providers will start blocking you.

Is this signaling the end for GB?

I like GB. But they can't let scammers use their email as click bait to scams.
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