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Handgun storage safe

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I've found a couple of reasonably priced safes at Wal*Mart that would be adequate for storing the hand guns I currently have in my home. One has the electronic keypad entry while the other is the conventional combination lock. I'm looking closely at the electronic lock as one that could be opened more quickly. I'm assuming somehow there's a battery involved in this device. Am I better off with the combination lock or does the keypad type have other means of entry in case the electronics fail? Here's a link to both types. The combination lock type is pictured in the similar items on the page for $149.98.
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Thanks for your replies so far. Yes, I know I'd have to bolt the safe to a wall. I'm actually considering fastening anchor bolts to a concrete block wall with epoxy and then securing the safe to that wall with nuts through the inside on the back. These two safes are heavy enough so it would take a couple guys to carry one out. My neighborhood is pretty good though. I live next door to a K-9 cop who parks his squad car in his driveway and his dog lives in his back yard. And our schnauzers are certain to make a lot of noise.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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