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Has the M&P un-seated any Glock LE agencies yet?

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Has the M&P un-seated any Glock LE agencies yet?

When/if that starts happening it's going to get very interesting...
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My local PD has replaced Grocks with M&P40's.
for my job selling shooting range equipment to law enforcement, I meet with at least a few hundred agences each year in person. I have only seen 1 agency with M&P's so far and they were only Testing and Evaluating one to replace their Glock 22's. They loved it except they had one of the roll pins walk out a few times. Roughly 50%-65% of all the agencies I visit carry Glocks and most of them are Glock 22's
check out this website i thought it was a good start on what we will see in the future possibly
The M&P has only been in the hands of LE agencies for about a year. A departmental wide change in weapons is a large task for agencies that issue weapons. I don’t expect to see big departments doing it until the M&P has proven itself.

There are threads around about several departments that have switched. But I would think that any department that is considering switching would be looking at the M&P.

It took Glock and Sig years to get the market share they have today and will take any competitor years to take it away from them even if they have a far superior weapon.
Here's more:

September 06, 2006 12:00:00 PM EST

All PRNewswire NewsColumbus, Ohio Police and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police Convert to M&P40.

Smith & Wesson the legendary 154-year old firearms maker, announced today that it has secured contracts to supply the Columbus, Ohio Police Department and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police (DFW) with the company's advanced-design polymer pistol, the M&P40. The agreements call for 1,875 M&P40 pistols to be shipped to the Columbus Police Department and 305 M&P40 pistols to be shipped for use by DFW Airport police officers.

After an extensive evaluation process, both departments indicated that the M&P40 incorporates key features that provide accuracy, durability and flexibility for use in duty. During performance testing completed by the Columbus Police Department, over 60,000 rounds were fired through six M&P40 pistols, with no malfunctions recorded. In conjunction with the testing, an additional rapid-fire test was conducted and 2,500 rounds were fired through one pistol in 40 minutes. Officials at both the Columbus Police Department and the DFW Airport Police indicated that the M&P40 performed flawlessly through each test.

Sergeant Dana Winship, Columbus Division of Police, said, "Trying to find a pistol to match the range of hand sizes of the 1,800 officers at the Columbus Police Department, along with insuring accuracy, durability, and the stopping power needed for police work, was a daunting effort. After an extensive evaluation of the various makes of pistols available, the M&P40 proved to be superior in all aspects. Smith and Wesson developed the M&P pistol with the police officer in mind. The M&P40 is an ergonomic, lightweight yet controllable pistol with ambidextrous capabilities, excellent accuracy and a crisp, smooth trigger pull. The officers on the street deserve the best equipment available. Smith & Wesson stepped up and delivered that with the M&P."

Tom Taylor, Smith & Wesson's Vice President of Marketing, said, "Since the M&P Pistol Series was first introduced in November 2005, it has quickly changed performance expectations in the duty firearm test and evaluation process. We are proud to support the men and women of the Columbus Police Department and the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Police, and are pleased to add them to the growing number of law enforcement agencies that have selected M&P pistols.
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I think that Canada Customs might get M&P's when they start to arm them.
Canada said:
I think that Canada Customs might get M&P's when they start to arm them.

Unarmed customs???????? Gotta feel sorry for a unarmed customs agent in this day and age.
stinx said:

As noted in the article above, a suburb of Columbus that was using Glocks. Cincinatti, has gone to the M&P, and I think Indiana's HP is using them now too.
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