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Hello all! New M&P owner with a question......

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I have owned quite a few stiker fired pistols in to past. SW99's, Glocks, Sigmas..... So I am very pleased that I have recently (today) purchased an M&P9. Anyways onto the question. The M&P I purchased has no IL and no mag disconnect. On the right side of the slide its laser etched "Caution: Pistol can fire with magazine removed" or something to that effect. Is there any way to remove this etching short of having a new finish applied? Reason being, I really like the look of the pistol (it has grown on me since it has debuted) but a beautiful all black pistol with goldish writting on the slide just looks corny to me.

Any advice would be appreciated.


The Guinea
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Dan or David (or both) should be along shortly but this question has come up in the past and the short answer is no, you'd have to refinish it if you removed the writing.

That said, give it a few days because in the end you'll hardly ever notice it. At one point I completely forgot mine had it and lost a bet to va_dinger over it.

Besides, if it's holstered or you're shooting it you can't see it :wink:
I was going to say just use some black crayon, but I don't want to get in trouble!
I've read that having the slide blasted (either Burwell or Bowie offer this) removes the warning, but also the black finish. I know you like the black, but check out some of the pics of the two-tones in the gallery, they look sweet.

And the people who know (Burwell & Bowie) tell us that S&W's melonite finish penetrates the steel deeper than the color so removing the black and that annoying warning doesn't affect the wear qualitiies of the stainless slide.
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