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Hello everyone

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Hi ... I am interested in the M&P 45 and M&P 340. I found this forum as I was searching for information on those two handguns.

I am a civilian shooter, although I am retired from the Army National Guard. I have several Glocks, including the G21. Instead of trying the new G21SF, I thought I would try the M&P 45. The M&P Compact 9mm looks interesting, too.

I've always thought about trying a snubbie, so the M&P 340 CT really caught my eye. With my strictly civilian status, I may switch to this snubbie as my primary carry.

I look forward to learning a lot from this forum and contributing whenever I can.
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Welcome to the site!

A lot of us are eagerly waiting on the M&P45!
Welcome to the site...

Glock 21 SF

I just got G21 SF and it is a sweet pistol. It has a completly different feel than the G21. It is Glocks entry in the now postponed .45 US Army pistol trials.
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