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Hello Fellas'!!

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I was pointed toward your forum by a very good friend.. I call him Darwin... but he may go by a different name here.. He will recognize my nick I am sure.

I have been wanting to buy a Smith & Wesson MP for some time now.. I belong to more than a few gun boards, and have read many good things about the pistol. I have thought to myself, discussed with friends, and drooled over articles for what seems to be an eternity.. The clincher though, is not my lascivious lust for this gun.. it's when Darwin started looking into the pistol and wanted one that I knew I had to have it!! It's not a competitive thing, it's just that Darwin is no schmuck!! He looks into these kinds of things very carefully.. when he decides a thing is worth buying, it's worth buying!! So I bought one!

Now... I did not wake up this morning thinking I was going to buy a pistol. In fact.. I thought I was going to spend the day with a weed eater in my hand, and if I got that all done, I would be rewarded by painting the trim on my house.... but not today! My lovely woman tells me this morning that she would like to go to Circuit City because she has been wanting a new 19" plasma flat screen monitor for her computer.. well, if you know me well... I am a sucker for beautiful women... so of course I will go with her to buy one......... then she adds a caveat (She doesn't realize that I am going to get her the monitor anyway) She says that If I buy her the monitor, I can get a gun!!! (Hook, Line, and Sinker!!!)

So on our way to Circuit City, we stop by Sportsman's Warehouse. I had been wanting to buy a little Baretta 21a for a BUG.. but since Lilly was willing to let me buy a gun I thought it wise to make a bigger and better purchase. I asked the young man at the counter if I could hold the M&P.. you know.. just to check it out..... Dude!! it's like butter.. but less fattening!! It feels good... the grip is a tad thin for me, but it turns out that it has two extra back-straps that I can play with to find out which is most comfortable.. it's just fine the way it is, but it's nice having options. The grip angle is exactly what I am used to... I own two XD's for my primary carry needs.. an XD9 and an XD45 acp.. The grip angle, weight, and general feel were so close that the gun just felt natural to me.

Now don't get me wrong.. I LOVE MY XD's!! And I have long been planning to buy an XD in .40 caliber.. but this is something new.. A different gun.. the mechanics are different, I don't know to what extent yet, but I can see that they are different. It's new.. It's mine.. and without even having shot it.. I LOVE IT TOO!!!

Now.. I am going to give it a good cleaning, and change the back-straps to see which one I like best..

Oh.. and one last thing.. Darwin... if you are reading this.. and I know you are.. I GOT ONE BEFORE YOU DID!! LOL And all I had to do was buy Lilly a flat screen plasma monitor!!! SUCKER!!! LMBO!!

Love ya' bro'!

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LOL, nice to see you here. Good story.
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