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My name is Lin and I was a Glockaholic, but I think the M&P9mm has cured me!

I shot one at the S&W demo bay at the Carolina Cup on June 4th.

Took the S&W representative's word that it is IDPA SSP legal.

Purchased one on June 23rd.

Field stripped it to clean before shooting it and discovered it is actually a true single action and therefore should only be IDPA legal in ESP.

Went to the range and put 300 rds. thru it on the 24th.

The M&P is head and shoulders above any of my 4 Glocks!

I have ordered a Comp-tac locking paddle for it for me and a pink Ready Tactical dropped-offset ladies holster for it for my wife, along with 2 mag pouches for each of us from Ready Tactical.

Also ordered a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight for it that I will have to hand fit since they are not yet making one that will fit without modification.

I'll post pictures after I get the sight installed.

I've been shooting IDPA since June '98, and been a match director since May, '01. I'm classified as EX in SSP and CDP and SS in ESP. I'm sure I'll bump up to EX in ESP the next time I shoot the classifier now that I have the M&P!

If any of you are ever around Lexington, KY on the 3rd Saturday of the month, come and shoot IDPA with us.

I was really happy to find this site and look forward to being able to share info with y'all.


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rledwards said:
Former, I was in from 65-71, RVN 11/67-12/68.

SSGT, MOS 5949.




MOS 0842 radar in arty, Spent most of my time as a PMI on the range.. of my 4 years in service I spent 1 in schools, 2 at the range, and 1 doing my job. I was good a shooting, so they kept me at the range to coach. I never had one person not qualify while I was coaching them.

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Welcome aboard.

I am not sure which division they will finally put the M&P in. I agree that it really is a single action gun shhhh don't tell anyone. I think most people figure that it is striker fired so it must be some sort of "safe action". I do not know if IDPA HQ has decided where to put this gun. My gut tells me they will allow it into the SSP div in the end. I do have one guy I can check with to be certain. I'll post back when I get a reply.

again welcome and enjoy

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