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Hello from CA

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Hello all

Just picked up my MP45 today from the store after serving 10 days to the state. CA is not friendly to the gun industry so I am unlucky and jealous at some of you living in the other free state. Whatever happen to our 2nd Amen rights-- More guns in the hand of law respectful citizen equals less crime . Even some of our Police department heads in this state does not believe in this principle. Just want to say hello and vents.
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Thanks all for your ears--but this is the problem--some us have to stay back and fight-otherwise this state will be come a commie Kali for sure---I know this is very disrespectful to our country to even think that a messed up state like this is in the union ....but these colors Red, White and Blue don't run. THAT why we cannot give up this state or any like it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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