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Hello from California

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Hello everyone. I am glad to find a place with other people who enjoy the MP .40. I have had mine for a couple weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. I bought it to replace the Beretta M9 that I will get when I go into the Army in about a year. Shot both the Glock 22 and the XD 40 and I believe that the MP is superior to the others.

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The Army has 2 pistols. The M9 berreta, and the Ruger. Seen both in Iraq. Dont like either one too much. Have used the M9 berreta all my military career, about 11 years. Never seen any personell weapons other than a 3 star who had a 1911, dont know the make couldnt see it too well. Special ops groups I saw in Iraq also had glocks. So I know for a fact that you cant use your own weapon. Besides in Iraq dont be the person to bring a pistol to a assault rifle fight.
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