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My first M&P was a .40 that was a very early version. Sadly, I never got the chance to shoot it as I was forced to sell it due to financial difficulties.

However, after reading about some of the flaws these early versions tended to have, I must say that I am rather glad that I never shot it.

I will be in the position to get another one this June, and with the .45 out, I am wondering just which caliber I should go with this time.

This will be my daily carry gun, so I don't think that I would want the .45...and that leaves either the .40 or the 9MM.

Can anyone here who has shot both give me an idea as to how they handle? Is the .40 as snappy as the Glock 22? (Which I have shot before and used to sting my hands after 40-50 rounds)

How's the recoil on them when rapid firing? I assume of course that for someone like me who hasn't shot in a long time that the 9MM will suit me better to start with and I am leaning towards that.

I used to be into GLOCKS majorly having owned the G17/19 and carried both for a long time.

But I have really small hands and when I held the M&P .40 using the small backstraps, it had the same trigger reach as a single stack 1911!!
Needless to say, I could never go back to a GLOCK as the M&P felt worlds better and fit my hand properly for a change.

Anywho, just wanted to say hi and I like this site!

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