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This is an excellent site. I have truly enjoyed the many informative posts here. I have also recieved excellent advice to the questions I have posted.

I have an M&P 40, now with 600 rounds through it. I love this weapon. It shoots POA and has a very managable recoil for a 40 S&W. This is in fact, my first auto. I have been a wheel gun guy for many years and have S&W 686, 10, and a 637. They sit idle now while I learn the ropes with the M&P.

I have only been shooting 165 FMJ so far, as the indoor range that is close only allows clean FMJ ammo. I hope to find a good outdoor range and experiment with different types of ammo. Also going to buy a used 22 to practice with in between M&P range visits.

Thanks for the great site.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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