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Hello from York, PA...

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Hi all,

My name is Chris, and I'm from York, PA. Up until a year ago, I had no experience with firearms at all. Then one day I decided that I'd like to be able to protect my family and home if the need ever came.

So I began researching home defense firearms, and finally settled on a Remington 870P (18" blued barrel and walnut furniture). Then I thought I better find a place to learn to shoot, and I found a local skeet/trap range. That's when I got addicted to skeet. I used my 870P for while, but then stepped up to a Browning Citori XS Sporting. I just got my first 25 straight about a month ago. Now my 870P is pretty-much a home defense gun, keep cruiser ready.

About 5 months ago, I purchased my first handgun... a S&W 5946 (full size, stainless, 9mm, DAO) from CDNN. It was in like new condition, and I really love it. I think this was an ideal first handgun because it was nice and heavy to reduce felt recoil, was a cheap caliber to shoot, and the DAO trigger helped teach me good trigger control. Since then, I also purchased a Springfield 1911-A1 Mil-Spec, which was a purchase more out of reverence to the pistol's design and history than practical use. I love this pistol as well.

I've taken the NRA Basic Pistol class (10 hours), and will be looking for more self defense handgun training in the near future. I just got my PA LTCF so I can protect myself and loved ones when out in public. So now I'm seriously looking for my first CCW piece. I'm seriously considering the M&P Compact, and will be using this site to research it.

Thanks for reading...

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Welcome! As I think you will quickly discover, many people have made the move to the M&P with no regrets. Price, reliability, comfort, it's a tough combination beat.
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