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Hello gentlemen (and women if there are any)

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Hi guys, obviously new to the forum. I own the M&P 40 and am eagerly awaiting the compact M&P in 40 as well. I'm from Michigan and am employed with a County Sheriff's Office and am using the M&P 40 as my carry weapon and as soon as I am promoted to Road Patrol Deputy (currently working the sh*tty jail) I will be using the M&P 40 as my service weapon. Fortunately my department allows your choice of weapon as long as it falls under .40 caliber, double action only.
I've owned my M&P for 6 months now and couldn't be any happier with my decision to purchase it. Probably have put a good 2,000 rounds through it without any serious malfunctions. The few cases of one stovepipe and a couple failure to eject the rounds came early in my shooting the weapon and as soon as I got used to it and progressed with the weapon I have had nothing but smooth-sailing. Unfortunately I probably could shoot a little better
but I still have fun regardless.

Anyway, I recently talked with a Smith&Wesson rep at my local gun shop and he has said that (which is old news now) the compact 9mm will be shipping next month. I asked him when the .40 will follow and he told me that it will probably be a week or two after the 9. I know there've been some conflicting stories so take it for what you will. I'm just hoping the rep was right
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Well Gander Mtn has the 9mm compacts in stock. Other dealers are still waiting on their shipments. I hope to get one in the near future.
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