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hello y'all

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Hello everybody-

I'm new to the board and I just thought I would post this introduction because I know some boards are fanatics about everyone has to have an introduction. Well, okay.

I'm 25, in the Houston, Texas area and have been around the shooting sports all my life. I've sort of become a bit of a training nut in the last 5 or 6 years and if you name a famous trainer, I've probably taken at least one class with them, if not several. Clint Smith, Gabe Suarez, John Farnam, Andy Stanford, Paul Gomez, the Insights crew, Tom Givens, blah-blah-blah. All with interesting things to teach in their own right. I'm a NRA Certified Instructor in just about everything you can be certified in, short of blackpowder shooting or reloading, and I have a nasty habit of taking my guns apart and gunsmithing them myself (much to the delight of Brownell's stockholders).

Originally, I started out on the 1911 platform since that is what Jesus and Jeff Cooper carry. After all those pistol classes though, I learned to love the reliability and utility of polymer pistols. Like many serious pistol users, I have long relied on the Glock, despite its less than stellar ergonomics, but I think the M&P might have stolen the title as my most favorite gun. It has been my carry piece and classroom teaching gun almost since the day I purchased it.

Anyway, I'm just here to learn. I've already ordered some new sears from Brownell's to experiment with the trigger job directions provided by Mr. Burwell. Let the fun begin.
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Welcome, We'll be sucking your brain dry!!
Welcome. You seem to bring quite a nice resume to the table. :wink:
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