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Hi guys,

My name is Dan Burwell. I am a part time gunsmith in central PA. I work primarly on 1911's but was raised by a die hard S&W enthuesist. I have always been reluctant to work on S&Ws until now. I bought a M&P as soon as the distrubutor got one in. These guns are put together very well and are easily worked on.

I noticed that someone already posted up my how for the mag disconect removal.

I have also figured out how to get the trigger pulls down to a crisp 3.5 lbs and will be offering this as a service. pm for details.

With some luck, in the future I may be able to offer a drop in trigger job.

I also hope to put together a how to for the 25 cent trigger job. This will help you get that grit out of the trigger alittle quicker. Doesn't really reduce the pull weight but makes it feel alot more refined.

Hopefully I can be of some help around here.


Dan Burwell
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A how to on how to clean up the trigger pull would be very cool.
heh, just realized that you are from as well. I already posted your disconnector removal walkthrough here. A wlakthrough for the $0.25 trigger job would be good too. Especially any added info on technique to avoid screwing things up.
Just as an FYI post, a 25-cent trigger job for the Glock can be found here:
Thanks for dropping in. It good to know we got couple resident experts helping us out here.

Great stuff... I used to haing out at too.. lurked...

where at in central Pa, I used to live in Selinsgrove..

Love to have a pro on the site!!!
Welcome to the forum!
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Thanks for the warm welcome here guys.

Jester, I live in Duncansville, PA I guess you could say that Duncansville is a suburb of Altoona that is if you could say Altoona is urbanized :wink:

I will see if I can get some time this week to get together the 25 cent trigger job.

May change it to the 15min trigger job cause that is really about all it should take a person once they figure out how to get their guns apart.


ps may have a cure for the slippery grips...details to follow
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