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Help needed

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I am a new member. Joined the forum due to the fact I am currently going through handgun testing for our Police Department. We are looking at a new department issue handgun.

I am the department Firearms Instructor and my first choice is the M&P .40. But I want to be fair to everyone, and give all weapons a fair chance.

Here is what I am looking for. I will have several different weapons to be tested. Each officer would shoot the same course of fire with each weapon, then give feedback as to what they liked and didn't like. Then I would score each weapons course of fire, hopefully giving me an idea as to which weapon was the easiest weapon to handle and shoot accurately.

Ideas for a course of fire that you feel would show each weapons strong and weak points would be appreciated.

Please keep something in mind. My officers are all well versed in weapons safety. But none of them shoot competatively or take much interest in shooting their issued weapon other than at department shoots. Long elaborate courses of fire would not work well in this situation.

Any ideas are welcome. I already have testing done by other departments, but I also want to thing outside the box just little and have knowledgeable people, other than LEO, to give some ideas.

Thank you in advance

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While this is not related to the courses of fire per se, I suggest that if the weapon being tested includes additional backstraps -- such as the Smith & Wesson M&P, Beretta Px4 Storm, HK P2000, and Walther P99 -- that the shooter be given a chance to try them, as how a pistol its the hand is often a factor in how well it performs, in their hand. In addition to the pistols mentioned above, also be sure to include the appropriate Glock, meaning the G22.

True that! Its what drew me to the M&P from the get go.
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