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Help please ...

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Please can I count on unbiased opinions - I hope...

For those that are familiar with and have shot BOTH - why should I buy an M&P 9mm Compact over an SA XD 9mm Subcompact...???

What are the major differences... There's a bit of a price difference not all that big though and that's not a factor for me - I can tell you at first glance I'm NOT liking that stupid S&W lock-up key... That was devised to keep the A-Holes in Massachusetts from busting their chops about manufacturing and selling in MA - The A$$Attorney General Tom "JerkOff" Rielly who thankfully is OUT of politics for good there.

I can only shudder at the thought of what would have happened if that A$$CLOWN had been elected Governor... I don't live in MA - but I used to got smart and GOT OUT... :roll:
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The lock is optional so don't let it get you down.

I chose the M&P over the XD because it had a lower bore axis, much better trigger IMO, and better ergonomics. It all culminates in a better shooting experience. YMMV.

I had looked at the XD's for a while because a few of my friends have them,personally I have never shot one,but because they said they loved it I was looking...The first time I held one I didnt like it at all..just didnt feel good in my hand..I visited this site for awhile reading as much as I could on the M&P compact 9mm...I held it and loved it instantly..then I shot it and liked it even more..I carry it everywhere I can and just love it...If you chose this pistol you cant go wrong...and the only way I'd give this little thing up is to buy the.40...which I have thought about...
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I think that choochboost answered the question pretty well. There is a difference in the trigger systems between the two guns also. I was reading a couple of days back on the IDPA forums ( and they were talking about the two guns. They are in 2 different classes because of the triggers I don't know very much about IDPA but it sounds like fun. As I understand it, the M&P trigger is more like the Glock trigger and is in the SSP(Stock Service Pistol) class, while the XD is in the ESP(Enhanced Service Pistol) class. I think this link will explain it a bit for you, .

I personally don't like the looks of the Sub Compact XD. To me, it looks really top heavy. I have never shoot one so I cannot speak from experience. I did used to own one of the HS2000 and it was a nice gun to shoot, but it was a full size. I sure wish that I had not sold that one.

Anyway, I help adds some helpful information for you.

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MP 40c -vs-XD

Here are a couple of other points to consider in the SW 40c to Springfield XD....

The SW 40c has a stainless steel slide and other components. You might find checking around that the XD is having some corrosion problems. Plus if your a summer time CCW person the stainless steel MP 40c comes out a better idea.

Then there is the ability to somewhat "customize" your MP 40c with different grip inserts that will help you fit the MP to your hand.

Finally if you get the MP 40c you are only one barrel buy from a MP 357Sig c!

I have a MP 40c w/o the mag safety and it is one super CCW firearm.
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I agree with choochboost as well. I've shot the XD plenty. I have large hands and shoot the M&P with the large grips as well so the M&P feels ten times more natural in my hand than the XD. Also, S&W has a lifetime warrenty and I've heard SA customer service is a nightmare to deal with. Just my .02.[/quote]
i shot both in 9 and shot an xd 40. i really wanted the xd to be the gun for me but it simply wasn't. it didn't feel good in my hand. so, i'm the happy owner of a 9c.

good luck
The M&P is "Made in America" by Smith & Wesson, the XD is made in Croatia and marketed by Springfield.
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