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Help Please..

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Can anyone instruct me on how to install the pinky extension on the 10 round .40c magazine? I recently recieved two freebies from the good folks at S&W, and much to my dismay, (i,m a spaz u see) i dont know how. Thanks in advance to those of you that have the inherent ability to fix stuff.. :?
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Get a punch and push the little dot on the bottom of the mag base. Slide the cap forward. Be VERY carefull as it is under spring tension and the spring can FLY out of there. After you dissassemble it reverse with the new mag extended mag base.
All the above can be applied, however, if you received other than SKU# is 27836000, chances are you have something that looks like nothing on your 40c. If so, you need to call S&W and ask for SKU# is 27836000.

What it is, S&W was sending out free finger extensions, but for the wrong weapon, so be sure you have the rights sku#. If none of this applies, follow the above directions, BonoVox has given good directions.
Pinky extension

Thanks for the replies...Morgan, I did receive the proper extensions, thanks again to you for posting those sku#s in a previous post. Will atttempt to install the extensions sometime today. If anyone hears a scream followed by very loud cursing you will know it was just my spaz ass removing a magazine spring from my eye... Thank you BonoVox for the how too also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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