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Help with bartering

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Ok, here's the deal. I'm getting ready to go all out and get the three guns I've been drooling over for the last year. Below is my shopping list. What I'd like is suggestions on what is a FAIR price to barter to for the package. I have a shop locally that is awesome and is willing to barter with me (although their prices are already good) because I'm bringing enough business to the table.

So here's the list:


9 30rd Magazines (preferably Magpul Enhanced w/ ranger plate)


Night sights

NO mag disconnect

4 Additional 15rd mags

M&P40c (priority spot when available)

Night Sights

No mag disconnect

As you can see the list is significant. I want to be fair and considerate to the dealer as he is a "support your local sheriff" worthy dealer in a small town. In fact, if any of you are in Oregon, the place is Wild Bill's in Molalla. He carries the M&P40 regularly for $479 (some shops still have it for $520+) but will price match if he can. So any suggestions on a price to "shoot" for
is appreciated.


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What goods or services are you batering? Also, remember that some areas impose taxes on bartering transactions.

If you are batering services, you can always afford to give a bit more to the customer since the cost is merely your time rather than a physical product.

You can look at some of the online retailers and get their best price (Bud's usually has excellent prices, as low as $369 for M&P9's and 40's with $30 mags). Factor in shipping and FFL costs as well and you should have an idea what it's worth.

Keep in mind that stores typically have higher upkeep, so you really can't expect the same deal from a physical location as what you'd get from an internet merchant.

That's quite a little arsenal you putting together. Is it duck or wabbit season?

Good Luck with the Barter!
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I think the OP means "haggling" or "bargening" and not "bartering" per say.


Well, haggling assumes that there is ROOM to haggle. Find your lowest margin dealer (online, handsdown it's Bud's at $369 and $30) and go from there.

I tried, but local gunshops just can't come close to online retailers for this new item.

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MI Jester was right, I should have used bargaining rather than bartering as that was my intended meaning. :oops:

As for it being an "arsenal" it will be my first semi-auto rifle and I don't see any issue with wanting both a full size and a compact for different situations... I coach at a local range and am hard on magazines, thus the extras. The 9 30rd'rs may be excessive and I doubt I'll get that many. I just like the idea of having plenty for practicing. 6 total seems a more realistic number, 2 for use, 2 for reserve, 2 to rotate through.

Thanks for the input! I don't expect Bud's prices but it would be nice to get a good deal while supporting local business.

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Why not ask them what their FFL fee is, then add that to the bud's guns, then explain to them you can get the M&P's for that much and ask how close they can come to that price.

Really, I don't see any reason NOT to go with bud's if they can't come close. I would give them some leeway if this is also your local range that you shoot at. They might give you breaks on silly stuff like renting guns, or bumming ear/eye pro.
it really depends what kind of shop it is. Where i live there is a shop selling M&Ps for $529.00 before taxes and fees. So I asked the owner whats the lowest price he could go and with sales tax and PICS

fee it would be $550.00 I said no thanks i can get it cheaper. He asked me how much i could

get it for and i told him $370. he laughed and said either i was high or the person selling them was

giving them away. Also he wants $40 bucks a mag

i like to support local places but im not payin for there hunting trips
Well, I figure that Bud's is selling the model I want for $522. The only reason they're in the $370 range on the std model is that they get a bulk discount on it. Since that's not the model I'm after I'm shooting to match the price they offer for the one I want (night sights, 15rd mag). Since I'm purchasing a couple of items at the same time, the owner of the shop has emphasised that he is more than willing to work with me on a fair price. He does most of his business word of mouth and has great customer service so we'll see how it turns out. I'm planning on going down Friday to talk shop.

Something else to consider with Bud's is shipping and ffl. The way I figure it, their shipping is $25, a cheap FFL fee is in the $15 range (I've seen them as high as $50) so on the low end Bud's "sale" M&P would be about $420 in hand. This shop sells the same model for $480, a $60 difference. I figure I've got a fair chance a wittling down that difference significantly.
I barter quite a bit!!

Ask my customers!!

that's how i end up with several guns!!

barter is alive and well!!

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