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Just found this site and hope to use it as a good resource. I'm a LEO full time Firearms Instructor. My everyday job is to test guns for my agency and have been testing the M&P now for 5 months. I was able to be in one of the first M&P Armorer schools and have gotten to know this gun pretty good.

That said I'm very anxious to learn as much about this new really untried weapon as possible.

Right now I'm waiting on S&W to send me a new trigger bar system which will bring the pull to around 10 lbs.
Yeah I know it sucks but between my agency and the other I share the compound with we have over 50,000 officers most of which barely know one one of the gun from the other.

That said this gun has performed flawlessly in evey test we put it to. My agency will not allow me to post the tests results but I can tell you this gun is reliable on par with Sig and every other gun I've shot.

take care
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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