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Highest db earplugs??

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hello!! trying to find some cheap decent reusable earplugs for indoors.. so far i found 28db but heard others mention 33db...

would these be good or? not looking to spend much on muffs and such as i won't be shooting as much as most of you

They have more expensive ones but they are less db.
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I should have put this in Accessories.

Hmmm...well i have extremly good hearing and would like to keep it that way foam plugs and muffs? i would need 2 sets as i wanna bring my girl shooting!
MI_Jester said:
These are the ones that I wear when I ride my motorcycle. Howard Leight Max Lite.

Actually, they are orange and not pink like in the picture. NRR 33. I will probably wear them under a pair of muffs when I start shooting.


Sweet! That's what i was looking for!!

I think i will get these muffs to go with them!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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