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Just got a new HiViz sight fresh off production as they were out due to resizing the dovetail base. They did not all fit as tight and tolerances in manufacturing has to account for hardening process.

Just wanted let anyone know who may have had a sight not fight very snug.

Either they changed fiber optic material or the extra metal over the fiber optic bar doesnt let it get as much light cause it seems less bright than my HiViz was on my Walther P22Q which was opened around the top more.

Im in a debate if I want this sight or the night sight I have that I first wasnt going to use. And do I want a rear sight of either type. Trying to decide lol. Ill end up with too many front sights time I pick one. Lmao. Honestly wish I had a CORE I think it is that is made with a removable section to mount a micro red dot low on the slide. If I left the rear sight stock Id rather black it out or have had the Glock "U" style.
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