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Came across this little beast at the LGS
It is five years old & Brand New, BF = 2017 JFYI
It is Heckler & Koch's Smallest Pistol & Can Uses the Longer Hk USP Compact 40 S&W Magazines which I just happen to have Two Of & Ten Magazines for that pair.
The P2000SK is a double stack 9 Round magazine & the USP Compact has a 12 Round
Computer Personal computer Laptop Peripheral Netbook
Air gun Handgun holster Trigger Gun accessory Everyday carry
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Brown Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Wood

The Pair of Hk USP Compact 40 S&Ws
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Material property Gun accessory

The New Kid on the Block, The P2000SK V3 40
Going to be hard to choose my S&W Shield 2.0 Over this for Carry
All Three of those HKs cost $600ea
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