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Nah, 11 years, and currently in North Carolina. Lets see:

1 year, Town PD in North Carolina

5 1/2 years, County PD in Virginia

1 1/2 years, University PD in Virginia

2 years, City PD in Virginia

1 year, Probation Officer in North Carolina (current position)

Town PD Reserve Officer in Virginia

Company Police Department Part-Time Officer in North Carolina

After a year in Probation in NC, I'm thinking I might try to get back into police work full-time. The Company PD I work for part-time is helping me get my certification back in NC. That should be done by the end of this year, then I am free to look for a full-time LE job in NC again.

Probation is an interesting animal. I wear a full duty belt (complete with state issued M&P40), I have powers of arrest and statewide jurisdiction, and everyone I deal with is a convicted criminal. Still, by state standards I am not a certified law enforcement officer. I have a certification issued by the same agency that certifies police officers in NC, but it is a different certification that only qualifies me to work for Probation and Parole. It would make a lot more sense to just send all probation/parole officers to BLET and get them law enforcement certified since we have full law enforcement authority by statute, but I guess that would make too much sense. Luckily I found another way (thank you Company Police!).

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Where do I start,

18 years, Lapeer, Mi. City Police Officer.

1 year, Maricopa Co, Phx Az. Detention Officer.

9 years, Scottsdale, Az Police Officer

8 years, Lapeer Co. Sheriff's Dept. Lapeer Mi. Corrections Officer.

Wow, thats 36 years in LE, still to young to retire, have to save for that new M&P 45 cal.

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8 years / Michigan / Sheriff's Department / Sergeant


Defensive Tactics Instructor (Danger Zone)

Field Training Supervisor

Taser Instructor

Hostage / Crisis Negotiator
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