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how much shorter is the 10 rd body than the 15 rd body...

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how much shorter is the 10 rd body than the 15 rd body...and will the 15 rd floor plate fit on the 10 rd body?
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On top of being shorter the 10 rnd has a notch in the mag body.
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itr674 said:
scottr--thanks for reply.

I was trying to determine if the length would allow for a M19 grip length modification, but it looks like the angle will not allow the standard floor plate to work.

By the way, I take it you have a 40, been driving myself crazy today on which way to go 9 or 40...

Well it was actually my first .40 to boot. Up here in " we can't carry land " I use this fine specimen for Ipsc, so I am downloading it anyway. But of course full loads are still better than in the Glock. This to me in my situation is like having the 2 in 1 Best of luck with your decision.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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