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How to clean the frame?

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This being my first synthetic gun I am wondering what is the “preferred” method of cleaning the frame. My metal guns I field strip, soak in Ed’s Red, use brushes to scrub where necessary, blow off excess with compressed air, swab and wipe, lube where necessary and done. Don’t know if I want to experiment with the plastic to see if it stands up to Ed’s Red. Bought some Birchwood Gun Scrubber for synthetic and plan on using it but wanted to know if there is something better.
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A quick search turned up these similar threads:

I am not trying to be a smarta$$ this time (Last time I posted about the search funtion I was), but the search function here really does work pretty good. I have been on some boards where I cannot find squat with the search function.
Sorry, my bad.

Thanks for the links.
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