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I ordered a stainless steel guide rod and a 15# non-captive recoil spring from Speed Shooter Specialties and have been sitting here trying to figure out how to install this in the gun. While it would seem like an easy task at first, you have to realize that the uncompressed spring is two times longer than the guiderod... and that you have to somehow compress the spring onto the rod, keep it compressed, and insert it into the slide.


So... how should I go about this? I've tried twice now with humorous failure both times. I've proven that you can nearly launch a spring into orbit if you're not careful and also proven that cats don't like having springs flying at them at roughly 90mph.

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place rod into spring, place opposite end into slide(barrel is in slide) and push into the slide till you can slip it into the barrel lockup.

I have a noncaptive also, just takes some practice.

BTW, make sure there are no windows in the line of fire of the guide rod.
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