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Howdy from N. KY

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Hello. Just purchased my first M&P today. Got the .40 due in part by what I read on this forum. Nice to be here. Thanks.

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Glad we could be some help. What was the deciding factor for you and what other brands (models) were you looking at?

BTW, Welcome to the board.
I own the competitors; XDs & Glocks. I like the polly guns with the short DAO triggers. When in Bud's Gun Shop buying my XD subcompact I held the M&P and loved the ergonimics. After reading this forum and other articles, the M&P seemed to be a hit. I guess I just had to have one. Will let you know later after I put it through it's paces. Carrying an XD SC right now but may change to the slightly larger M&P .40 depending on how I like it.

Thanks for the welcome.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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