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I bought a G19.

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Yeah, not too sure why. I always told myself I would never own a Glock, but for some reason I bought a new G19 today and a set of Crimson Trace Lasergrips for it. I think I just don't have the heart to thread my M&P9c(my baby). I also ordered a threaded barrel for it online. In two weeks when I get home from my trip to Germany I'm ordering either an Evolution 9 or Trident 9 for it. Think it will be my bedside "two to the chest one to the head" gun for anyone who wants to come in uninvited.

This never would have happened, but my damn dealer called me today saying they needed to take pictures of me for some suppressors I bought. I thought to myself what the hell. I get there and as it turns out the suppressors I bought on March 7 still did not have the paperwork sent in. I was like what the f__k? Apparently the guy who was dealing with my paperwork lost it after he had the CLEO sign off on it, then found it two weeks later, and then lost my damn pictures. He doesn't work there anymore, and they gave me a year membership for their indoor range for free, but that still doesn't take back the 30 damn days I've already been waiting. I was promised by the owner it would be sent in Monday.

Anyways, anyone else here own a G19? How do you like it? Any websites I need to check out? Any cool toys I should order for it?
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Woohoo, awesome, the TLR-1 I got free when I ordered my EOtech 553 fits on here! Sadly it didn't fir on the M&P.

Edited to add extremely high quality high resolution pictures. Or some really shitty quality cell phone pics.

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The G19 is a great pistol. I have owned several of them.
why not just buy the TLR-2? its cheaper than the CT + TLR-1 combo you have, and much less bulky.
There's nothing wrong with the G19 and even though I love my M&P my G19 is still my all time favorite handgun.
nikon777 said:
why not just buy the TLR-2? its cheaper than the CT + TLR-1 combo you have, and much less bulky.

I ordered an EOtech 553 from, and they sent out the TLR-1 free with it. I didn't actually buy it for the G19. I bought the CT grips when I bought the gun last night because I really like the way the laser comes on when you grip the gun naturally - no swithces or anything to hit/flip. It is sort of bulky, but it was a lot cheaper than buying a new TLR-2, and this gun won't ever be carried - just sitting in a bedsite gunvault most likely, or it will just see indoor range time. You think it's bulky now? Wait until the Evolution or Trident suppressor is sticking off the end of the barrel.
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I wish M&P made a G19 size. I think the G19 is a great gun, but I just felt the M&P was more comfortable, so I have a full size M&P9. My good buddy has a G19 and that is what I learned to shoot with.
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