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I teach a carry class here in MN. I have several folks ask me about which type of pistol I recommend. Of course, I take into consideration what they are using the pistol for (most for personal protection). I then see which pistol fits their hands the best, and on a great number of occassions, it is the M&P they end up ordering from me.

I am a big Glock pistol fan, and there are several others out there that function well. It appears as though the M&P, at least for me, fills the bill on several fronts (personal protection pistol, competitive pistol and home defense pistol). I let one of my students shoot the M&P 40 at the range yesterday for his qualification. I owns a Springfield XD45acp service model. He ended up trading that pistol in to me and he now has an M&P 40 on order. The pistol sold itself, all I had to do was let him borrow it.

Man, Smith and Wesson did a job with this pistol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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